Janice Merola Sacred Healing Art - Sacred Vibrational Images
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 Because I Love
 by Janice M. Merola
Love is life.
All, everything that I understand,
I understand because I love.
Everything is, everything exists, only because I love.
                                   War and Peace – Leo Tolstoy
This painting represents the power of love, forgiveness and re-birth. What ever has happened in her past, this Goddess is now peaceful and serene.  She knows her metamorphosis of rebirth has been ignited. Being guided by forgiveness and the power and self awareness of her own organic/celestial Divinity, she now has the Sun shining brightly in her world. The Butterflies represent her dreams going forth. She is delighted in her beauty, ready to fulfill her life’s true purpose in joy and passion. The happy lone Bumble Bee is vigilant on his search for pollen filled flowers to add to his Queens hive of love. This Sacred Inner Courtyard of the Goddess holds pure love cultivated by her constant connection with the Divine Knowledge of truth. Hummingbirds drink from this powerful hearts elixir. When full and satisfied with self care, the Hummingbirds are prepared to journey out into the world bringing clear intention, ecstatic joy and healing grace.
May the power of love rise in all of us and carry our hearts, happily and peacefully to our Divine Purpose.  Namaste
Turning Tide  
 by Janice M. Merola
The moon has turned the tides.
Creating an Ocean of Love
 Through my heart.
This painting represents the unexpected turning of the tides.   We may look for a gentle turning to coincide with out own expectations.  But there are times the nature of things will create a tumultuous experience.  The Moon represents the Unknown forces of life and nature.  Pulling and pushing at its own rhythm.   Waves represent happenings, loss, gain, birth, death, dark, light.  All that life encompasses.  This Goddess is serene in the fact that her inner world stays intact thru any storm or rouge current.  Her rolling swirling Heart goes with the rhythm of the waves, but does not succumb to them.  Little droplets of the water of life create balance and nourishment.
 She does not move one way or the other, she flows with the natural force of life, letting it carry her.  She is in a strong place of knowledge and trust.  A peaceful Starry Night awaits her. 
May the power of our own strong heart of love and truth carry us safely and peacefully through the turning of the tides.